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Young man lost his life because of sleeping in a wrong way and mistakes of eating that many people also make
February 03 2019, 7:27 AM
Just because of a fatal mistake when eating the leftovers that the young man had to trade with his own life.

An event occurred in 2008 was re-shared on Youtube by Dr. Bernard make people worry about the habit of eating leftovers.

The incident happened in October 2008, a Belgian male student called AJ, aged 20. After turning home from school, he was too hungry to grab a spaghetti box left outside the microwave then warmed it up. However, after  30 minutes, the boy suddenly had a headache, abdominal pain, and nausea.

This situation continued for a few hours so the boy had to go to the bathroom twice after deciding to go to bed. The next day, AJ’s parents saw that at 11 a.m he still did not wake up so they entered his room and found his death.

The autopsy result showed that AJ had died suddenly due to food poisoning caused by a bacterium called Bacillus cereus (B.cereus). This is a bacterium that forms spores that produce toxins, causing vomiting and diarrhea.

Although AJ had experienced such symptoms, the young man considered it a normal poisoning, only drinking plenty of water without taking medicine.


The pasta and tomato sauce and the food that AJ ate were then sent to the laboratory and discovered that there was a huge bacterial toxin that severely damaged the liver of the young male, taking his life.

‘Many people eat pasta, or any other kind of noodles left over for a day or two and they’re fine. But it’s best to be careful with forgotten food for more than a few hours. if the food smells strange,  it is best to throw it away,” said Dr. Bernald.

Anyone is at risk of infection with Bacillus cereus. Food contaminated with Bacillus cereus is also very popular. This type of bacteria is easy to stick to food groups like meat, milk, vegetables, and fish.

The main symptom of this type of poisoning is defecation and abdominal muscle cramps about 6-15 hours after ingestion. These symptoms may last about 24 hours. Vomiting may also be associated but is rarely seen in diarrhea-induced poisoning by Bacillus cereus.

The form of emetic poisoning usually occurs about 30 minutes to 6 hours after eating food containing Bacillus cereus bacteria with a small protein molecular structure.

Doctors have noted other noticeable clinical manifestations for those who are poisoned by Bacillus cereus once not treated promptly and thoroughly.

These include manifestations of mastitis, severe inflammation, gangrene, infectious meningitis, cellulitis, eye inflammation, lung abscess, endocarditis. For newborn babies, there is even a risk of death.

The basic way to avoid infection with Bacillus cereus is to carefully prepare food and cook.

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