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The twins waited in nursery until evening still not picked up, the teacher found a piece of paper in their backpack immediately uttered “Irresponsible!”
February 02 2019, 9:06 AM
Looking at the words in the note made many people startled and resentful.

The nursey class is still full of laughter of children everyday. But there are also many sad situation of parents. But recently an incident that made netizens unable to calmly happen to the twins.

After school, the teacher noticed two twins still waiting for their parents. Waiting for 15 minutes, she phoned her parents but could not get through. She decided to stay with the two children to wait, but two hours passed without any signal. At 7 pm, one of the two children began to fear and cry. She was extremely worried and didn’t know how to solve it. She decided to look in their backpack and see a message their parents left. As she thought, in a kid’s backpack, there was a piece of paper from her parents saying that they were busy at work tonight, unable to pick up their two children soon. Hope the teacher can help before they come.

Reading the paper, she was really shocked at the way the parents behaved. They have taken their work seriously and ignored their children. They can call teacher instead of replacing a piece of paper inside children’s backpack like that. If they really do not have time to take their children to school, they should choose a better solution, instead of doing this.

The paper in the child’s bag really upset many parents.

Lan Le

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