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Terrifying secrets of crematorium revealed by a staff has worked for 47 years, not spirituality, this is the most frightening thing
January 17 2019, 3:49 PM
The secrets behind crematorium is still an unknown to many people.

Almost all of us feel scared when mention crematorium. However, there are many people who still quietly work in this place everyday, completing the final step in the rite of farewell dead men. But actually, no matter how brave they are, they still have secret fears when entering this place.

When it comes to cremation, people who believe in spirituality must think of “ghost” or “soul” but that is not what the staff is most afraid of. According to an employee who has 47 years of experience working in a crematorium, the thing that they fear the most is cremating their relatives and friends.

What the staff fear the most is cremating their relatives and friends.

In addition, cremation process also has many secrets that is now revealed. Cremation does not require coffins. But because of hygiene and respect for dead people, many crematorium will put dead body in a box not a coffin made from flammable materials and it is sealed. Going through necessary procedures at funeral parlour, the dead people will be transferred to cremation furnace system.

After preparation process, dead body is taken to furnace ready for cremation process. The dead body was put into the combustion chamber. Depending on the crematorium, this process can be done either mechanically or completely by human.

The body will be burned. Hair is the part first catch fire, this cremation process will cause most of body (especially internal organs and soft tissues) to evaporate and oxidize at high temperatures, the gas emitted out will be processed through an smoke removal system

Hair, skin and soft organs burn out and evaporate, reveal bones and skull.


Staff must usually put upside down the rest in crematorium to make sure all parts are exposed to fire.


The cremation process usually lasts 90 to 120 minutes, with bigger bodies may take longer.


Finally, there are only a few original pieces of bone, some are broken into ash.


After finishing incineration process, the remains of deceased will be taken out to cool. The ashes will be put in an urn before returning to family.

In some countries, they use firewood and other flammable materials to cremate. The cremation process is taken place indoor or outdoors in the presence of the dead person’s relatives and friends.

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