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Superman dad!!! Father saves their children at the last minute
October 08 2018, 9:16 AM
Like a boss! These incredible Dads save their children at the very last minute.

I think these guys have got a sixth sense!

When you’re a parent, you have to have your wits about you at ALL times.

Kids fall over and get into trouble all the time – generally, they do not understand the danger they’re facing at times.

These absolute BOSS Dads save their kids and avoid injuries and tantrums!

Which one is the most incredible?

The family is watching TV on the sofa. The baby was playing in the couch with his parents and his father seemed to have some hunch that turned to look at his baby. Then the child suddenly fell out of the couch, the father of natural traction has taken care of his child.

And this father also had such quick reflexes to save his son from falling to the ground

Or to save his younger child from falling face down to the ground, so lucky!

So lucky to have a father there

When the danger is approaching, Dad must do everything to save the child

The father risked his life and rushed to the middle of the road to save his child from being hit by a car

Watch video:

Video credit: Collected video

Dieu Linh

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