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Half a year of moving the house and still feeling stench, the girl flipped the mattress, She hurriedly moved at night
January 05 2019, 8:50 AM
Cleaning the house many times and still feel stench, the girl flipped the mattress up to be shocked to realize that , she layed on this thing half a year.

Because of the lack of conditions to buy houses, many working people choose to rent houses as a way to solve the most affordable housing problem, but renting accommodation also has many extremely difficult consequences. Like the 23-year-old L, in Wuhan, after deciding to settle in Beijing, she hired a decent house to move in at a decent price, not too far from work.

After 2 months, L. found out that his mattress had a strange smell, but thought that it was only because the quality of the mattress was not good, plus the house was not clean, she was assured of cleaning the house. , peel off the laundry blanket. However, unexpectedly, in July, when the landlord came to replace the new mattress for L., turning the mattress on her would fall back when she saw something under the mattress.

The house is still very new

Every time when the weather is hot and humid, it is often found in the room with a rotten smell, and when it is cold, it is much better when it is cold, because the work is dark and the owner says there is no new mattress to replace , L. endured for almost half a year.

In July, she was finally given a cushion but when she flipped the mattress, both the landlord and L. were afraid to lose, the Wuhan girl demanded to move immediately.

It turns out that under her cushion, the cat has been dead for a long time, because the cat has been under the mattress for too long, stinking rotting, rotting, and sticking to the mattress to the point of being dry. curled, and L. thought that the dirty house was still impartial on x.á.c cat died nearly half a year. The young girl was shocked, not understanding why under the mattress there was such a horror.

Cat dead body under the mattress made the girl terrified

It’s so scrary

L. does not often interact with neighbors, nor does it interfere with anyone, the more thoughtless girl does not understand who this is the poisonous game of anyone. The frightened young girl moved away in the night, telling herself to go to rent a house to be extremely careful.

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