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Dozens of facial disfigurement can not be recovered, many people suffer from depression just because of this doctor’s mistake
December 10 2018, 10:58 AM
Dozens of patients have sued a doctor for causing their faces to become completely deformed.

According to Daily Mail, doctors were sued by dozens of patients named Wesley Murakami. He performed cosmetic treatments at his private clinic in Goiania, central Brazil.

Patients said they had to pay a large sum of money for treatment after they were persuaded to improve their appearance and are committed to repairing disabilities such as acne scars.

Murakami allegedly injected a large amount of Metacryl, an illegal PMMA in surgery. According to the Brazilian Health Board (BMC), Metacryl is dangerous in clinics in the UK, while banned using in the United States.

As a result, patients suffering from facial deformities cannot return to their original state. There have been cases of depression and suicidal thoughts. Some of Murakami’s patients have published photos showing that their faces are completely unrecognizable. The victims had to pay twice as much, triple the amount spent for Murakami to let other doctors recover parts of their face.

Among those who sued, businessman Alexandre Garzon, 35, demanded compensation of nearly $ 2,000, but he has not received compensation money.

In 2014, Garzon decided to go to see Dr. Murakami to treat acne scars with facial biopsies, promising to bring unbelievable results.

“Dr. Wesley told me my face would get better and all the blemishes on my face would disappear,” the businessman said.

After four years of corticosteroid treatment, Garzon had to accept the fact that his face could not return as it was before.

Dr. Sérgio Conceição from the Brazilian Society of Cosmetic Surgery (SBCP) said that Murakami did not have a professional qualification to perform cosmetic surgery. This doctor’s lawyer did not respond when contacted.

Source: afamily 

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