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95% of people do not know what these numbers mean?
February 05 2019, 5:02 PM
At the bottom of the bottle or box has usually a triangle with the arrows and a middle number. Perhaps few people pay attention to this very important symbol.

Some families and grocery stores are found reusing plastic bottles and plastic boxes to contain water, cooking oil and vinegar… Many people believe that these plastic bottles and boxes after being washed are safe without knowing that toxicity can still be released during use.

Recently, the story of a 12-year-old girl living in the United Arab Emirates who repeatedly used a bottle of mineral water to drink and has got cancer is becoming a hot topic on many forums.

The main reason is because water bottles contain toxic materials when used too many times and cause cancer. A bottle of ordinary mineral water or soda bottles when temperature reaches 70 degrees C will easily deform and release toxic substances.

At the bottom of the bottle, the medicine or food box usually has a triangular symbol with arrows. In the middle of the triangle is a specific number.

For example, a student’s water bottles often have number 7; Pure water bottles, milk bottles or fruit juices usually have number 1; bottles of cooking oil, cosmetic jars have number 2; and plastic noodle boxes with number 5 on the bottom…

However, few people care or understand the meaning of triangles and these numbers.

Number 1 means PET (polyethylene terephthalate plastic). Plastic bottles for drinks when reused, if hot water is over 70 degrees Celsius, the bottles not only are deformed but also resolve substances harmful to health.

Scientists also discovered that this plastic product, if used for more than 10 months, it can produce carcinogens.

Number sign in the triangle at the bottom of the mineral water bottle

Number 2 means HDPE – polyethylene density is high. These plastic bottles have heat resistant to 110 degrees Celsius, often used for food, shower gel or high purity items.

When reusing, it should be noted, because this plastic is difficult to clean, the remaining substances are easy to become bacteria.

Number 3 is PVC. PVC is often found in normal raincoats, construction materials, plastic items, although it has good plasticity, low price but usually only can be used to 81 degree Celsius.

This substance can be released very much at high temperatures, so it is rarely used as a product packaging, and it is also very difficult to clean and cannot be reused.

Number 4 is LDPE – low polyethylene density. LDPE is quite common in noodle boxes. Products containing this substance will not be able to heat in the microwave, avoid high temperatures because it will release chemicals.

People should not pack junk food in high temperatures and do not use a microwave to cook instant noodles.

Number 5 is PP (polypropylene plastic). PP is usually on the lid or bottom of a coffee cup, regular milk bottle, yogurt or juice bottle. This substance is usually resistant to temperatures of 167 degrees Celsius, so it can be reused, turned in a microwave oven.

However, it should be noted that there are some food boxes, its bottom is triangular with the number 5 but on the lid is no. 1. No.1 is PET, the substance does not withstand high temperatures, so when placed in the microwave it is necessary to remove the lid of the box.

Number 5 in the triangle at the bottom of the bottle

Number 6 is the polystiren (PS). PS is usually available in instant noodle boxes, fast food boxes. Although they are highly resistant to heat and cold, they should not be used in microwave ovens because when heated, they release chemicals.

Besides, it should not be used with strong acidic substances, strong alkalis, because it will break down polystyrene which is harmful to the body.

Triangle with number 6 at the bottom of instant noodle box

Number 7 is PC plastic. PC is very popular, especially for making milk bottles and disposable cups. If a PC plastic bottle uses BPA (Bisphenol A), it is very harmful to the body.

For regular plastic cups, pay attention not to keep hot water. If you notice that on the surface of the plastic, it is immediately removed because it may be bacteria that the normal eyes can not see.

Above is very important information because it is related to our health. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the number at the bottom or on the cover of each product you buy.

Source: Motthegioi

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