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7 taboos you should remember when staying at a hotel to avoid bringing bad luck to yourself
February 05 2019, 5:07 PM
Many spooky events happen in hotels that science cannot explain. So if you are forced to stay overnight or stay in a hotel, since it is not your own home, remember the following rules.

1. Don’t choose a room at the end of the hotel

The hotel rarely runs out of rooms, so avoid yourself at the end of the room, you should choose a room near the aisle or elevator. The room near the elevator makes your service and operation more agile and convenient. In addition, the room at the end of the corridor is often sucked, with less light, the yin and yang are not enough, so it is easily disturbed by things that are “not clean”.

2. ‘Send greetings’ before entering

You should press the door bell before entering into the room even if you know there is no one inside. If the room doesn’t have a bell, tap 3 times then say “Hello” before entering.

3. Turn on all lights in the room

After entering the room, turn on all the lights and go to the bathroom. Next, lift up your legs and hit your knee to report that someone will stay in the room. However, do not open the closet and drawers immediately to avoid harassing the spirits who adapt to the presence of the living and leave space for ‘them’ to hide.

4. Show occupancy

If you are in a double room having two beds but you only want to sleep in the same bed, put the pillow and the blanket of the remaining bed in the closet.

5. Pay close attention

If you enter a room and feel strange or uncomfortable, the vibrating bed doesn’t know the reason, the TV naturally changes the channel or the lamp is flickering, change the room immediately.

6. Do not put clothes in cabinets

Leaving clothes in the closet makes it easy for ‘them’ to sneak in, put it in your bag or backpack or bring it to the sun.

7. Prevention before going to bed

Don’t turn off all lights when going to bed, leave some light to balance some of the yin, making yourself feel more secure. Shoes should not be neatly tucked into the edge of the bed, you should throw away.

Source: ezvivi3

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